Serve, Don't Sell

I help independent consultants and small firms scale sales beyond the referral and take control of their businesses. 

10x Sales Outreach

Take control of your business with a scalable sales system that gives you predictability and control. In this free on-demand video course, you'll learn the process and tools you need to reach anyone, and at scale.

#SalesIn30 - The Complete Course

Get my free, 10-lesson sales course to help you sell your services with confidence. This is the same course I offered free on LinkedIn - just search #SalesIn30 - but packaged much nicer, thank you very much.  It's totally free, and the reason is that I want to change the way every consultant and freelancer sells their services. Namely, I want you to sell with confidence.  The way you'll build confidence comes with process, skills, and knowledge about how you sell, and how your clients buy. This overview will give you enough to get started, and I'd even contend make you think differently about how you sell forever. In this short video course, you'll learn about selling in 5 modules: Mindset Process Lead Generation Sales Conversations Negotiation I'll see you on the other side.  -Liston Liston Witherill I help freelancers and consultants sell with confidence