10x Sales Outreach by Liston Witherill

10x Sales Outreach

A step-by-step outbound selling system.

Start conversations with anyone in your market.

Scaling your sales outreach is no easy feat. It means taking your 1:1 sales efforts and multiplying them across tens, hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of contacts. 

The implication isn’t that you’ll instantly win more business. The goal of scaling sales outreach is to start more conversations. Sure, if you do it right, you’re going to win more business. But scaling your outreach alone won’t do a whole lot if your sales process isn’t dialed in. 

One little-known truth of scalable outreach is that it’s not completely automated. If you’re looking for a machine that you can set up and just deliver non-stop leads to you and your business, stop now. This is going to take regular maintenance and oversight to really pay off. 

Please note here is that any outreach you do should start with genuine ability and ambition to help others. That is, if you’re not thinking about what’s in it for them, this effort will fail miserably. So start there: how can you help people?

In this short course, I’ll outline for you the steps you need to take in order to implement scalable sales outreach at your agency. You’ll almost certainly need to add some software tools to your stack, but they’re not too expensive and are necessary to really move your sales outreach to the next level. 

In this course, you'll get 8 lessons that’ll help you launch or improve your scaled outreach program. Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Defining your target(s): using searchable factors to define the prospect(s) you want to include in your outreach to enable you to build lists of prospects who you want to contact. 
  • Finding a hook and offer: now that you’ve defined your target prospects, what do you say to get and keep their attention, and get them to actually respond to you?
  • Writing your campaign: now that you know who you’re talking to, and what you want to say to them, it’s time to write your campaign.
  • Developing your list: who, specifically, are you going to contact? This section will show you how to develop a spreadsheet of prospects who meet the criteria you’ve laid out. 
  • Your toolkit: you’re ready to launch! Well, almost. You’re going to need some tools in place to make this easier to manage and scale. I’ll tell you what I recommend. 
  • Sending at scale: now let’s load up those emails and start contacting people! I’ll walk you through the final steps you need to take before you launch your campaign. I'll also cover email verification and customization in this section.
  • Final notes: I’ll walk you through some final things to keep in mind, like how to transition your leads to the sales process, email deliverability issues to consider, and using testing to improve your campaigns. 


I signed up for 10x Sales Outreach to learn how to connect with more business owners and increase sales. Everything is laid out perfectly, and Liston's lessons are clear and give helpful tips.  Check it out and bring your prospecting to the next level. 
Joe Norton

What's included?

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The Course
Lesson 1: Your 10x Outreach Foundation
10 mins
Lesson 2: Making Sure You Reach the Right People
16 mins
Lesson 3: How to Grab Attention and Get a Response
14 mins
Lesson 4: Writing a Campaign That Drives Conversations
15 mins
Lesson 5: How to Find Anyone's Email Address
14 mins
Lesson 6: All the Tools You Need to Get the Job Done
6 mins
Lesson 7: How to Ramp Up Your Outreach Efforts
14 mins
Lesson 8: Making Your Outreach More Successful Over Time
14 mins
10x Sales Outreach Slides
3.05 MB
Agency New Business Activity Calculator
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Interview: Cold Email with Jason Bay, Part 1
30 mins
Interview: Cold Email with Jason Bay, Part 2
24 mins

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